2016 Programme

Wednesday 27th January
AGM;  Astronomical Events of 2016   
Richard Sargent   (Chester Astronomical Society)

Wednesday 24th February
Galaxy Evolution
Professor Chris Collins   (Liverpool John Moores University)

Wednesday 30th March

Dr. Matt Darnley   (Liverpool John Moores University)

Wednesday 27th April
Mr. Richard Tyers   (Southport Astronomical Society)

Wednesday 25th May
The Fourth Astronaut: The Apollo Guidance Computer
Mr. Sid Jones   (Chester Astronomical Society)

Wednesday 29th June
Winds and Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei
Dr. Emanuele Nardini   (Keele University)

Wednesday 27th July   
Members’ Night:  A night with our own stars.
Short talks by society members   (Chester Astronomical Society)

No Meeting       

Wednesday 28th September

Exploring the Universe with Exploding Stars
Dr. Stacey Habergham   (Liverpool John Moores University)

Wednesday 26th October
The Appley Bridge Meteorite fall and find
Mr. Russell Parry   (Author of the book about this event)

Friday 11th November
Mary Somerville (1780-1872) and the World of Science
Dr. Allan Chapman   (Oxford University)

Wednesday 30th November
Latest News from the Dawn and Messenger Missions
Professor Lionel Wilson   (Lancaster University)

No Meeting

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