2018 Programme

Wednesday January 31
AGM;  Astronomical Events of 2018.
Mr. Richard Sargent             (Chester Astronomical Society;  BAA)

Wednesday February 28
The Gaia Mission.
Prof. Rob Jeffries                 (The University of Keele)

Wednesday March 28 
The Beginning f Everything.
Dr. Steve Barrett                  (Liverpool University)

Wednesday April 25 
The Discovery of Quasars. 
Emeritus Prof. Ian Robson   (The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)

Wednesday May 30 
Supernovae and the Evidence for Dark Energy. 
Prof. Philip James                (Liverpool John Moores University)

Wednesday June 27 
Building The World's Largest Radio Telescopes.
Dr. Jeff Wagg                       (University of Manchester: Square Km Array Team)

Wednesday July  25 
It’s About Time. 
Emeritus Prof. Ian Morison  (University of Manchester: Jodrell Bank; Gresham College)

No Meeting       

Wednesday September 26 
Meteorites and the Early Solar System. 
Prof. Jamie Gilmour             (University of Manchester)

Wednesday October 31 
The Ancient Egyptians and their Astronomy. 
Dr. Pauline Norris                (Astrospeakers)

Friday November 9 
The Wonderful Century; From Atoms to Island Universes. Astronomy in the 20th Century.
Dr. Allan Chapman FRAS   (Oxford University)

Wednesday November 28
Members’ Night
Talks by society members    (Chester Astronomical Society)

No Meeting

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