Friday 13 February 2015

2015 Programme

Wednesday 28th January
Astronomical Events of 2015   
Richard Sargent   (Chester Astronomical Society)

Wednesday 25th February
Professor Sarah Bridle   (University of Manchester)

Wednesday 25th March

The Zodiacal Cloud
Dr Mark Jones   (Open University)

Wednesday 29th April
Historical Novae
Mr Gary Poyner   (British Astronomical Association)

Wednesday 27th May
A census of dust in early-type galaxies from Herschel and ground-based surveys
Dr Anne Sansom   (University of Central Lancashire)

Wednesday 24th June
Planetary Imaging using a One-Shot Colour Camera                     ***   Confirmed.   ***
Kevin Wildgoose   (Shropshire Astronomical Society)

Wednesday 29th July   
Planets and Pulsations                                                                     ***   Confirmed.   ***
Professor Don Kurtz   (University of Central Lancashire)

No Meeting       

Wednesday 30th September

The Space Shipping Forecast – The Sun and Space Weather
Professor Phillipa Browning   (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)

Wednesday 28th October
Dark Matter
Ros Flinn   (Chester Astronomical Society)

Wednesday 25th November
"Shooting while you Sleep – Modern Methods for Detecting and Analysing Meteors"
Mr. William Stewart   (British Astronomical Association)

No Meeting       

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