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There are many web sites devoted to astronomy;  some provide remarkable images, some detailed astronomical data and others are more suited to a younger audience.  Links to a few of them are in the following sections.

Child-friendly Learning and Leisure

Astronomical news, events and radio

    Astronomical Information and Images

    25 years of stunning imagery and over 10,000 scientific papers already published.
    Images of many objects from the Solar System to remote galaxies.
    You may have seen Google-Earth - now try the moon.
    Tools to create your own localised star charts and to locate satellites in the sky.


    Astronomical Weather Forecasts

    Weather forecasts tailored to sky-watchers.  Under the Select an astronomy club pull-down list, select Chester Astronomical Society and a detailed, custom forecast will appear.  You can even see jet-stream weather forecasts which, when you understand how to interpret them, can provide better forecasts for two weeks ahead (holidays!) than those seen on television.


      Astronomical Software

      Some web sites provide software that can be useful to amateur astronomers;  some applications run on PCs while others are designed to run on smartphones. Many are free but you may have to put up with advertising!

      A note of caution:  We cannot provide any guarantees about any of the software listed here; if you choose to download and use any software it is entirely your responsibility to check its suitability and compatibility with your PC/phone.  Please check reviews and software requirements before downloading anything and remember that it is wise to backup any existing software before installing anything new.

      Android Smart-Phones

      Tools to create your own localised star charts and to locate satellites in the sky.
      A quick reference the planets in our solar system and the sun.
      A planetarium on your mobile.
      A tool to render the moon for any specific date or location. It calculates the rise and set times for the sun and moon, twilight times plus time and date for the next moon phase.
      A simulation of the planets, stars and constellations.
      Displays upcoming meteor showers and the date when they reach maximum.
      A complex set of tools with very advanced features;  not for beginners.

      Apple iOS

      A planetarium in your hand.

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