Sunday 4 December 2011

2012 Programme

Wednesday 25th January
A.G.M. followed by an over view of 2012 events.

Wednesday 29th February
Prof. David Walker - Mirror Fabrication for the 42m European E.L.T.

Wednesday 28th March
Prof. Rob. Jeffries - New discoveries in exoplanetary systems.

Wednesday 25th April
Prof. Ian Morison - Proving Einstein Right.

Friday 18th May
Dr Allan Chapman - Title to be confirmed.

Wednesday 27th June
Peter Shah - A View of the Universe from my Garden Shed.

Wednesday 25th July
Dr Ed Daw -  Gravitational Waves.

August - NO MEETING 

Wednesday 26th September
Prof A Zijlstra - Planetary Nebulae of the Galactic Bulge.

Wednesday 31st October
Members’ Night 

Wednesday 28th November
Dr Jim Wild - Weathering Solar Storms.

December - NO MEETING

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