Wednesday 30 September 2020

 September Meeting 

Dr. Steve Barrett from Liverpool University has kindly agreed to present a ZOOM lecture. The Burley Hall is still closed to meetings the size of ours.

Dr Barrett last spoke to us in February of this year on the legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope. As Christmas is now on the horizon he will talk on 'The Star of Bethlehem' on Wednesday the 30th. September, starting at 19:30 Hrs.

As usual David Tillotson will receive requests ( for an invitation to be included in the audience of that meeting.

Also, October 28th. Is scheduled as 'Members night', so please, if you have anything to share with the rest of us please get in touch. We can help with the complications of 'screen sharing'. It is highly probable the Hall will still be closed to a meeting of the numbers we usually meet in.

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